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All Quotes include replacement ribbons and brooch bars 

All work traditionally stitched with buckram backing and finished with 100% Irish Woven Linen

Mr Peter Postgate
2 Middle Fenrother Farm Cottage Middle Fenrother Lane Morpeth
Ne61 3ds


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Latest comments

01.11 | 15:48

Just collected my medals this morning after being remounted by Peter, a fantastic job can't thank him enough

01.11 | 14:01

Peter outstanding service,cleaning medals and mounting,also the quick turnaround,now will be able to wear them on Remembrance Day, highly recommend Peter, professional,and excellent service,,,.

27.10 | 19:14

Peter thanks for an outstanding job with mounting my medals and the miniature medals as well. Outstanding job, service and price. Highly recommended. Paul

26.07 | 19:11

Thanks Peter for court mounting my Police medals, fantastic quality and workmanship. Highly recommended and I’ve posted your quality work and your website link on my Facebook page