Bristol Bulldog (Barrie A F Clark) Reproduction limited Edition 850mm x 590mm

Bristol Bulldog (Barrie A F Clark) Reproduction limited Edition 850mm x 590mm

This reproduction is one of a single edition Limited to 850 Prints 

Stamped by the fine arts trade guild
The most widely collected form of aviation fine art are limited-edition prints by "name" artists. Limited-edition prints are very high quality reproductions of original paintings or drawings, produced in strictly limited quantities by specialty printing firms under contract to a fine arts publisher. The edition is printed, with input and final approval by the artist, on high quality acid-free archival paper. Each individual print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Often it is also "countersigned", or personally autographed, by the pilot or air crew depicted or by someone figuring prominently in the history represented by the piece.

Each limited-edition of prints is issued by a publisher and sold to collectors through the publisher's dealers at a specific preset retail price called the "issue" price. The length of time it takes for an edition to sell out varies, the more popular the artist and subject, the quicker the edition will sell. Signatures of famous pilots like Chuck Yeager, Jimmy Doolittle and Günther Rall can cause an edition to sell out in a few months. When all prints in a limited edition are sold, continuing demand usually causes the print value to appreciate - often substantially.

The publisher of a limited-edition supplies a Certificate of Authenticity with each print, certifying the number of prints in the edition, giving historical information on the subject and confirming that the plates and negatives used in printing the edition have been destroyed and no more prints will ever be produced, thus making the edition limited.

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John Young was born in Bristol, England in 1930 and educated in Buckinghamshire, at the Royal Grammar School and the School of Art in High Wycombe. Inspired by the visit of Sir Alan Cobham's National Aviation Day air display to a farmer's pasture near his home in Chesham, his love affair with flying machines began. Interest and historic knowledge was further developed by the operations of American Eighth Air Force B-17s and B-24s from nearby Bovingdon during WWII.

John has painted professionally since 1950 when employment in the studio of an advertising agency enabled him to translate an intense interest in aviation into a style which combines the portrayal of technical subjects with natural and atmospheric situations. His ten years with the firm set his trademark of vivid lighting and beautiful landscape.

Having established a career in illustration for many aviation manufacturers, airlines, air forces, and publishers, John went freelance in the early 1960s to expand his capabilities and move toward the world of fine art. To this end, he exhibited in the inaugural and subsequent exhibitions of the Society of Aviation Artists, later to become the Guild of Aviation Artist. John is a founder of the Guild and recently completed a term as its Chairman.

John has taken the opportunity to fly in over 60 different types of aircraft, military and civilian, giving his artwork an "I was there" flavor. His accuracy in painting aircraft is nearly flawless. He was awarded the Guild of Aviation Artist's Medal in 1983 and was the first member of the Guild to receive the Flight International Trophy for the Best Professional Aviation Artist three times. With countless other professional awards and tributes to his credit John's artwork remains as its own statement of his talent. In addition to numerous private and corporate collections in the U.S. and U.K., the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon displays forty-five of John's original paintings.

What is aviation art to John Young? "Aviation adds to the traditional landscape and seascape a third dimension - the sky. Nature has given the air a truly awesome beauty. The artist can only strive to capture a visual moment and preserve it as a memory for an airman, or perhaps fire the imagination of someone who has not flown, and give an insight into what is truly another world. Add to this the functional good looks of a flying machine and the painter has a challenge which can outlast a lifetime."


Dover Patrol By John Young (Rare Print Limited Edition)
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